Looking for poets, painters, photographers, musicians and other artisans to participate in our 20 venues around North Beach. E-mail me at Or write me Philip Hackett, Poet/Producer, The Poet’s Gallery, Post Office Box 330168, San Francisco, California 94133.



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  1. Philip Hackett

    Summer’s here soon and we’re planning The Poet’s Gallery presentation of our North Beach
    Annual Poetry Festival, but as always we need
    space inside a large building as well as monetary
    support. Please contact: Philip Hackett, Poet/Founder/Producer, The Poet’s Gallery
    POB 330168, SF, CA 94133
    We are always in need of poets, painters, photographers, musicians and other artisans to participate in our now twenty North Beach venues
    (caffes, restuarants, saloons and law offices.

  2. Ann Horvat

    Philip, you are doing a wonderful job keeping the ARTS ALIVE in North Beach!

  3. Y O U ‘ R E W E L C O M E T O V I E W T H I S

    S I T E !

  4. I would like to offer to exhibit art at your North Beach functions or assist in any other way. I will be attending the event on 9/20 and 9/21 at the Rogue. Please email me. Thank you.

  5. Sharon, please contact me.
    I’d like you to participate, especially in May at the annual Poetry Festival. Contact me at and I’ll send you the monthly calendar and the Poetry festival info.

  6. I’m sitting right here,
    @ Columbus & Broadway.
    People everywhere,
    doing it the hard way.

    Models here and there,
    strippers galore.
    If you look hard enough,
    you can find a whore.

    Italian food, Greek,
    Mexican too.
    They are all here,
    just to serve you.

    Buying memories,
    souvenirs as well.
    Stay long enough,
    go straight to hell.

    Trust me I know,
    I’ve been there and back.
    But this time it’s different,
    I’m going to stay right on track

  7. Malissa

    All Hale the King of Poetry! That was a wonderful celebration in San Francisco this September 2010! There must have been over 400 people there! Bravo Philip Hackett. May you reign for eternity! Long live the King of Poetry!
    P.O Box 330168
    San Francisco, CA

  8. In search of Philip Hackett.,
    The one one the bus, we took it to the end, nearly the sea.
    wishing you well.

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  10. River Flower

    For a couple of years now, Philip Hackett has been telling people that his son, Dylan Hackett, graduated from the University of California, Boalt Hall School of Law, and took and passed the California Bar exam. Dylan Hackett never attended any law school, never took the California Bar exam, and is not a lawyer.

    For at least a decade, Philip Hackett told everyone he had a Ph.D. from Harvard. He does not. He has no degrees from any college or university.

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