Gallery rent in San Francisco has become astronomical. Had to leave the space on Grant and Union because I couldn’t afford it. Could use help in defraying costs. Would like to pay the poets who read for me a fee. Like producing one poet at a time. No open microphone readings. A reading of tenty minutes max suffices. Don’t want to bombard the audience with too many images. The have a tendency of leaving remembering nil. Been doing productions (poetry, art, music) since 1956 in Boston on Beacon Hill, then City Hall, Boston Center for the Arts, The Greater Boston YMCA, Wooster, Ohio, Laguna Beach, Bishop, San Francisco and elsewhere. My all-time favorite was the Internationa Poetry Reading Series I produced at the San Francisco Press Club (1983-1989). The Loma Prieta earthquake closed us down. The Poet’s Library in Laguna Beach was a good one, as well as The Poet’s Gallery in recent years. At this point, I’d consiser working in another gallery as I have in the past (The Lion Gallery on Geary at Mason and the Will Stone Gallery on Post at Taylor). I have a Ph.D in English Literature and minored in Art History. Email me leads hackettphilip5@yahoo.com or write me at P.O. Box 330168, S.F., CA 94133. Thank you!



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2 responses to “LOOKING FOR SPONSORS

  1. The Feb. 3rd event at dell’uva was cancelled, as was the Feb. 5th event at Melt.

    If you’re interested in receiving The Poet’s Gallery monthly calendar event, please e-mail me and leave your own e-mail address to be included in our Address Book. Thank you! Sincerely, Philip Hackett, Poet/Producer, The Poet’s Gallery, P.O. Box 330168, San Francisco, CA 94133 hackettphilip5@yahoo.com. Mention that you read this on my blog.

  2. Doniko morris

    I am called doniko morris I am a Ugandan by nationaliy.
    I live in one of the district called Gulu (northern part of Uganda)I am just requesting for any assistance from you.
    I was studying but i’m no longer studying because of insecriuty in our district above mentioned(Gulu)

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