Which takes place during the summer is having difficulty this year because of lack of support from Marsha Garland, Director.of the North Beach Chamber of Commerce. My son Dylan and I co-produced the Poetry Festival in 2005 out of our “The Poet’s Gallery” which was located at Grant and Union (2004-06). It was truly an international event in the most international community in The City. We paid $50 to all the participating poets and musicians. The artists made some money from the sale of their paintings. However, after such incredible events as the Aaron Peskin for Supervisor campaign, the Philip Lamantia and Katherine Singleton memorials, and more than 100 other events, we had to close because of lack of funds. Please help support us in whatever way you may wish. We need help in the way of money and support on a day-to-day business operation extent Contact us asap via the information posted above. Thank you! Philip Hackett, Poet



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  1. Sorry, due to a lack of monetary support we had to CANCEL the 2007 Poetry Festival. However, we were delighted that over 1,000 people expressed an interest in what my father has been doing in the art of poetry around the United States and overseas. He’s continuing to write his poetry and publish his books of poetry. If you’re interested in receiving an autographed copy of any of his books you may wish to write him at POB 330168, SF, CA 94133-0168, or email

  2. Sorry to have to inform you that the 2007 Poetry Festival has been cancelled indefinitely. This, due to the fact that space promised became too complicated to obtain (licenses, insurance, etc.). In 2004 and 2005 it was easy because our benefactor, Dennis Lappos of North Beach Pizza was so generous and grateful, but since, he has begun to move his operation from across the street to the place we were gifted with on Grant Avenue. We would like to do it before the year is out but need a sponsor. Put the word out, if you will. Maybe in the fall? Or winter? Things have gotten to damn expensive. We were looking for adequate space for two years. $4,000 per month is not an amount I can handle. Maybe there’s a real estate angel out there who would like to benefit from the promotion.

    Thank you!

    Philip Hackett, Poet/Producer
    P.O. Box 330168
    San Francisco, California 94133-0168

  3. steve

    damn sorry i was busy and i missed last week’s festival and missed mingling and conversing with some of the 5000+ attendees. please make sure i get the ”Poet’s International Gallery” monthly calendar !!

    peace and love to all and everyone.

    happy holidays everyday, everywhere, all the time

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