New Book Of Poetry

Entitled HOMELESS IN THE STREETS available now.

during my travels, I saw homeless people everywhere I visited

and was stimulated to write poems about what I experienced.

The book is available for $25.00 (postage and handling included).

Cash, check or money order acceptable. Contact me directly, if

you will via my mailing address: P. O. Box 330168, S.F., CA 94133

or by emailing me Thank you! Philip


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One response to “New Book Of Poetry

  1. Philip Hackett

    Terry Kennedy had to cancel her trip to San Francisco because of her inability to afford the trip.
    However, The following poets will fill-in. Please refer to the following:
    San Francisco Poet Laureate Jack Hirschman will read at Caffe Cappriccio @ Mason & Chestnut on Sat Nov 10, 7-9 p.m.

    Poet Carl Wiener will read at The Beat Museum @
    Broadway & Romolo on Wed Nov 14, 7-9 p.m.

    Poet Ronald Sauer will read at Pier 5 Law Offices Broadway & Kearny, Nov 16, 7-9 p.m.

    Poet Philip Hackett will read at the North Beach Public Library 2000 Mason @ Columbus, Tue Nov 27, 7-9 p.m.

    Poet Jessica Loos will read at Live Worms Gallery on Grant, between Vallejo & Green on Thur Nov 29, 7-9 p.m.

    Artwork by Nicole M. Lomangino
    Music by Jerry Ferraz

    Refreshments and wine will be served.
    Donations to defray costs will be greatly appreciated.

    The Poet’s Gallery will be circumventing rent by reading at numerous venues around North Beach.
    The poets and musicians will be paid and the painter and photographers will pay a commission to the producer.

    Help is always needed. Artists to do poster work, volunteers to send out up to 2,000 e-mail invitations to poets, painters, photographers, musicians and media as well as audiences.

    Contact: Philip Hackett, Poet/Producer, The Poet’s Gallery, P.O. Box 330168, S.F., CA 94133

    If you would like to participate please contact Philip. We’re always looking for sponsors. Your ideas will be more than appreciated. Thank you!

    If you wish to be added to the Address Book (confidentially), please e-mail Philip.

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